In an effort to support LEAs, the Exceptional Children Division will reimburse travel expenses for two (2) teachers per district to attend this training. Reimbursement may include hotel, meals and mileage at state rates. It does not include substitute pay. Hotel expenses will only be reimbursed if the individual lives more than 35 miles from the training site. Meals will only be reimbursed if there is an overnight stay.

Mileage Printout
  • Please include a printout of your travel to justify the mileage reimbursement request.
  • The mileage printout must show round trip for one-day travel.
  • For overnight trips: the printout should be separate and indicate (departure day: home to destination and return day: destination home)

  • For hotel receipts: it must be the original, and it must show a $0 balance. It cannot be a hotel registration confirmation.
  • Parking, etc. receipts must be original.
  • Meal receipts are not required. Payee will be reimbursed at the state per diem rates.
  • Breakfast: $8.30 Lunch: $10.90 Dinner: $18.70 (meals are only reimbursed for overnight stays)

*Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing your travel reimbursement*

Travel Reimbursement Example

Travel Reimbursement Forms